What is the release schedule?

Road to Vostok is a long term project for a single developer. I have a roadmap available on this website, but to summarize there are four main phases towards the release:

1. Public demo 1 (Q3/2022)
2. Public demo 2 (Q3/2023)
3. Steam early access (TBA)
4. Full release. (TBA)

What happens after the release?

I’m fully committed to make this game the best hardcore survival game out there. This vision requires years of support and post-launch content, so this project will not be abandoned.

I’m not personally interested of building a multi-project game studio, I want to focus on one project, one brand and game content that fits in that same universe.

Will there be a multiplayer or Co-op?

At first, I’m going to build a best in class single-player hardcore survival experience with advanced NPC AI. When this goal is achieved, I’m open to consider developing Co-op PvE options.

One thing to mention, I’m also interested of developing small-scale online features, which emphasize the presence of other players without actually seeing them. These can be think of as environmental online features like visual clues and subtle hints of other players.

What is the monetization model?

When the game enters Steam early-access it will be priced at ~10$. Full-release pricing will be around 20$.

There will never be any additional costs on top of that initial premium price.

Other ways to generate revenue for this project will be ads and sponsored videos on Road to Vostok’s Devlog or some Patreon-based options in the future.

How can we support the project?

You can support the project in multiple ways, most of them are simple and free.

The most effective method would be spreading the word about his project to a fellow survival game enthusiast or just sharing Road to Vostok content through internet.

If you want to support this project financially, easiest way would be watching Road to Vostok Devlog’s on Youtube, they will be running ads which directly benefit the development.

Where can we follow the development of this project?

On top of this website, I’m using all the major social media platforms to promote this project. You can follow the development by searching the username @roadtovostok or channel/page name Road to Vostok.

I will be focusing my marketing resources to Youtube, so it will be one of the main channels to see behind-the-scenes content, but I will be active on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Artstation as well.

Is this just another early-access survival game?

Early access and survival game are words which often lead to a disappointment, I have been there multiple times myself as a blue-eyed player.

I have very high production standards for this project and I’m not willing to release something that I’m not proud of as a developer, so no this will not be just another early-access survival game, we have those too much already.

Will there be a modding tools available?

Allowing players to mod a game is almost always a wonderful thing. Developing a good set of modding tools can be the best way to increase game’s long term shelf-life and generate fresh content to game community, I see nothing but positive benefits.

If there’s enough demand, I’m open to developing a modding toolkit after I have achieved my initial vision for this game.

I’m a content creator, can I get additional information or media assets?

Yes, absolutely. I would be honored if you’re interested about this project.

I have already prepared a media page on this site, there are screenshots and other media content which can be used for this purpose. You can also contact me directly via email, I would be happy to tell you more about my vision and this project in general.

What platforms are you going to support?

Road to Vostok is a PC-title, it’s optimized for PC and designed to be played with keyboard and mouse in order to achieve the best gameplay experience.

However, after initial release, I’m open to consider other platforms as well, but I’m not assigning any development time to supporting other platforms until the PC-version is fully enjoyable and feature-rich.

What is your inspiration for this project?

One of the main inspiration for this game is my military background which affects multiple themes, styles and lore elements.

Currently, most of my inspiration comes from real-world abandoned locations. I like urban exploration and finding unique locations that fits the game universe.

Are you hiring or looking to build a devteam?

Currently no.

There might be time in the future where I could use some additional help, but currently this solo development method has worked pretty efficiently for me.