A hardcore survival sandbox experience with realistic weapon mechanics, advanced survival systems and hostile NPC’s.

Featuring over 20 medical conditions, tactical weapon handling, permadeath elements and in-depth character simulation.


Scavenge, storage and craft hundreds of unique items based on real-world parameters and progressive loot-tiers.

Find weapons, tools, consumables, medical items, military gear, electronics, apparel and much more.


Trade, buy or sell items to specialized in-game traders with intuitive refuse/accept value system.

Traders can also be used for services like medical care or weapon maintenance.


Dynamic game world includes randomized game events like Crash Sites, Airdrops, Ambush and special Trading Quest events.

There are also environmental weather events like rain and thunderstorms.



The playable game world is made from individual maps, which are unique areas and based on real-world locations.

These maps are connected to each other and each map has a difficulty rating in terms of NPC-AI.

The main idea is that when you travel east and towards Vostok, the game will get harder but the loot will get better


Shelters are safe zones and places to store loot. Shelter are different in terms of size and customization.

Shelters are always available to player and most of them are also easy to find. Shelters are the only way to save your game.


Game world is divided by Border Zone and a physical border. Border can be crossed by using Crossing points which lead you to Vostok.

Each of these Crossing points has a unique game mechanic and a certain level of risk associated with them.


Vostok is a dangerous and mysterious zone. The moment you cross the border by using a Crossing Point and enter Vostok, you are inside the permadeath zone.

If you die in Vostok, you will lose everything including your shelter items and safe files.



The game will contain several different vehicles that are used for different purposes.

You can use a boat at sea, a moped on certain forest roads and a snowmobile in the north.

Each vehicle needs specific items, fuel and maintenance in order to use them.


Transmission is an event in the game world that interferes with certain electrical and radio devices.

During transmission, the use of certain devices becomes considerably more difficult and some sensitive devices may break.

When the transmission starts, it is usually preceded by a danger message on the game’s radio.


Winter is a separate game mode and an additional level of difficulty to the base game.

Winter makes survival significantly more difficult in several ways.

Getting water becomes more difficult and the character’s clothing has to be taken care of in a different way.

The North

North is a wilderness area in the far north and outside the main game map.

Getting to this wilderness area requires separate train transportation.

There are no hostile enemies in the north, only peaceful wilderness, nature and wildlife.